50 leaves of green

50 leaves of green [michalogy]

nike flyknits leaf print shorts [michalogy]

This is a throwback post – originally written this time last year, but didn’t end up publishing for some reason.

These were the clothes I wore after a tiring cardio session at Bounce – after exercising and sweating for a solid 50 minutes, I had no desire to wear anything too heavy or with too many layers, so I opted for this light and breezy combination.

This structured white tee is textured and has a zip detail at the back, adding a bit of interest to an otherwise basic piece. The real focus of the outfit though are these patterned leaf shorts – I like having the graphic print stand out.

50 leaves of green [michalogy]

I wore this outfit while watching 50 Shades of Grey with some female friends. It was a very awkward movie to watch: acting was awkward, the nudity was confronting, the chemistry between the main characters didn’t translate onto the big screen.  No amount of Jamie Doman’s good looks could save this movie. Not that we were expecting a cinematic masterpiece, but the hype got the better of us and we fell for it.

Solemnly swore not to waste money on the sequel, but who knows if I’ll be able to hold this promise up – I often let curiosity get the better of me!

50 shades of green [michalogy]

White tee – Studio Girl in South Yarra
Leaf patterned shorts – Catalog
Shoes – Nike Flyknit Lunar 2
Watch – Fossil

portrait [michalogy]

Credits: Leaf watercolour art from here.


Blue jean classic

Blue Jean Classic | MICHALOGY

Blue Jean Classic | MICHALOGY

A crisp white shirt with blue jeans is a classic look that never goes out of style (cue Taylor Swift’s song).

Blue Jean Classic | MICHALOGY

I wore this outfit while getting my hair balayaged at Seri Hairdressers at Melbourne Central, upon my friend Maria’s recommendation.  I was lucky enough to have the manager Aaron as my hairdresser that day, and am pretty pleased with how it turned out. Aaron listened to me and took the time to explain how the dying process worked and recommended colours that would suit my natural hair, which was an improvement to my last visit to the hairdressers (a different one). I highly recommend Aaron and the rest of the team at Seri!

Blue Jean Classic | MICHALOGY


The lace eyelet pattern and the cropped tie adds a fun twist to the white shirt. I decided to match with white sandals which showed off my red polish pedicure at the time.

Blue Jean Classic | MICHALOGY

The black bomber jacket is actually a men’s extra small which was found in a op shop several months ago. The store assistant told us that all the other store workers wanted the jacket for themselves but it was too small. I guess being petite has its perks sometimes.

The red plaid lining inside adds a sneaky pop of brightness to the attire.

Blue Jean Classic | MICHALOGY

Jeans – Saba
White shirt – Studio Girl in South Yarra
Jacket – Jack London (thrifted)
Sandals – Topshop
Clutch – Louis Vuitton dupe
Earrings – Diana Ferrari