Meet Michelle.

meet michelle

Who is Michelle?

Graduate of marketing and architecture, now working in the sparkly and fast-paced world of advertising. Currently lives in Melbourne, Australia with dreams of living in London or Amsterdam. Enjoys rolling up her metaphorical artists sleeves and getting down with all things creative, whether this be life drawing, attempted ukulele jamming, cooking (and the subsequent eating) or styling outfits.

My style is…

… colourful and feminine. My outfits are a representation of my sartorial loves at any given moment in time. I love experimenting with different textures and finds from the op shop. I’m a great fan of sequins, maroon and heels (my life will be made when all of these qualities are combined in one fabulous piece).

However, I do confess…

… that my wardrobe is overflowing with way too many crop tops and I have watched every single episode of Friends approximately 10 times each. #noregrets

Why was this blog born?

I came up with the blog tagline, “A diary of style adventures”, because I believe style should be just that – a way of dressing up and expressing yourself in a way that makes you happy and feeling confident – an adventure of sorts. There is no need to take it seriously. Style is about having fun with what you have, and being creative.

Wow, I think you’re awesome and we should be online friends!

Thanks friend, I am flattered! I am frequently on Instagram and often gain inspiration from Tumblr. Sometimes I get my Twitter on. Recently I’ve started a account, so find me there! Feel free to get in touch by email (note the double “y”!): michalogyy [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy following me along on this journey!