A broken resolution – and the cardicape responsible

While browsing Uniqlo with my boyfriend last month, this earthy olive coat-cardigan caught our eyes with its wool texture and draping length. It was lightweight but felt warm against my skin, ideal for layering.

So in a moment of Uniqlo-induced weakness, I bought it.

With this purchase, I… may have broken my new year’s resolution to be more ‘minimalistic’ (that is, lay off the clothes shopping!) but I have to say that this versatile piece was worth it. I easily foresee it being a staple piece in the upcoming cooler months as I can wear it on its own, but also slip it under a heavier coat for a little extra warmth on those icy Melbourne nights.

Wearing a coat as a cape is kinda like admitting you shouldn’t be wearing one in the first place —  but climate be damned if it stands between you and great outfit! Also, mafioso as heck.

I think what really makes this outfit for me is contrast: I was really feeling the pairing of the natural fiber of the wool cardigan and the super synthetic high shine disco pant; playing wth proportions with the high-waisted pant and the long-line cardi; the relaxed, flowy boxy coat, and the body-fitting singlet and pant combo beneath.


I also enjoyed keeping the outfit colour palette in earthy natural tones — the pastel olive cardigan and the faded red of the nude top totally complement each other. The dark pants then skim the eye down. Definitely feel that wearing similar and complementary colours helps make you look ‘put-together’ and I think I’m going to try for more interesting palettes in future.

Thanks for reading, more content soon as we come into the colder, more aesthetic months.

-Michelle ❤

Too tired to remain standing, my photography session goes seated.


Olive longline cardigan, Uniqlo
Nude singlet top, Jockey
Grey disco pant, American Apparel
Sandals, Jo Mercer

Styling and writing, Michelle Ho
Photography and editing, Steve Lewer

Flanneltine’s Day

Flanneltine's Day | MICHALOGY

For Valentine’s Day, I had brunch at Picnic. It’s one of my favourite cafes in South Yarra, mainly due to its reasonable prices, large glass windows letting in natural sunlight and the fact it was located about a stone’s throw away from the train station.

Flanneltine's Day | MICHALOGY

I wanted to wear a bit of red as a nod towards Valentine’s Day, but not something too girly. The flannel toughens the looks up and acts as a transitory space where the reds and blues blend together, before separating into the navy and maroon colour blocks of the crop top and skirt respectively. I think the final result is quite pleasing to the eye – the colours merge seamlessly together, nothing stands out too much.

Flanneltine's Day | MICHALOGY

Tying the flannel around my waist added another dimension to the bottom half of my outfit, and shows you don’t always have to wear shirts the way it is designed to be worn.

Flanneltine's Day | MICHALOGY

Flanneltine's Day | MICHALOGY

Navy cropped top – Topshop
Pleather skirt – Taiwanese market
Flannel shirt – Uniqlo
Black flats – Ecco
Bag – Grandmother’s closet