50 leaves of green

nike flyknits leaf print shorts [michalogy]

This is a throwback post – originally written this time last year, but didn’t end up publishing for some reason.

These were the clothes I wore after a tiring cardio session at Bounce – after exercising and sweating for a solid 50 minutes, I had no desire to wear anything too heavy or with too many layers, so I opted for this light and breezy combination.

This structured white tee is textured and has a zip detail at the back, adding a bit of interest to an otherwise basic piece. The real focus of the outfit though are these patterned leaf shorts – I like having the graphic print stand out.

50 leaves of green [michalogy]

I wore this outfit while watching 50 Shades of Grey with some female friends. It was a very awkward movie to watch: acting was awkward, the nudity was confronting, the chemistry between the main characters didn’t translate onto the big screen.  No amount of Jamie Doman’s good looks could save this movie. Not that we were expecting a cinematic masterpiece, but the hype got the better of us and we fell for it.

Solemnly swore not to waste money on the sequel, but who knows if I’ll be able to hold this promise up – I often let curiosity get the better of me!

50 shades of green [michalogy]

White tee – Studio Girl in South Yarra
Leaf patterned shorts – Catalog
Shoes – Nike Flyknit Lunar 2
Watch – Fossil

portrait [michalogy]

Credits: Leaf watercolour art from here.

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